Bayside Pool Table w/ Dollar Bill

Crate Dimensions:
Height: 34″
Width: 56″
Depth: 92″
Weight: 670 lbs.

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A High-Performance Pool Table, You Can Bank On It!

Shelti and Horizon Games have teamed up to bring you the new Electronic Bayside Pool Table with a dollar bill acceptor that is fully programmable with all you would expect in an electronic pool table. A few features of this advanced control system include rack play, time play, speed pool, varied pricing, discount pricing, free play and game audits.

Programming Features, Standard gameplay, Time play, Bonus level pricing, Happy hour pricing time and day of the week programmable, Free play pricing for leagues or other promotions, Speed pool, Game audits, Maximum cash limit setting helps limit the amount of time a group of players occupy a table and allows it to be shared with other players.

External Hardware Features, LCD display, Battery low indication, 25 cent roll down coin mechanism, Free play key switch Steel door with lock, an ICT bill acceptor and stacker. Internal Hardware Features, 12volt, 18 amp universal battery, Internal battery charger system with 20′ pull-out retractable A/C outlet cord electronic meter, Low power consumption, Power saving sleep mode, PC board battery back up to save programmed settings if not connected to the 12-volt battery.

Available in Sovereign Cherry or Charcoal Matrix.

Sovereign Cherry

88″ Model # 8SP-88-AA-DB

93″ Model # 8SP-93-AA-DB

101″ Model # 8SP-101-AA-DB

Charcoal Matrix

88″ Model # 8SP-88-CA-DB

93″ Model # 8SP-93-CA-DB

101″ Model # 8SP-101-CA-DB


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