Mustang Pro Pinball Machine by Stern


Condition: Refurbished
Year Released: 2014
Dimensions: 29″ W x 58″ D x 77″ H
Weight: 250 lbs
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Players will experience the thrill of building an amazing collection of the most desirable Mustangs; including GT’s, Mach 1’s, Cobras, Boss Mustangs and the 2015 Mustang

Take your Mustangs racing against an array of colorful game characters in 8 different racing scenarios including drifting, drag racing, road races, rallies and police pursuits

Game Features:

  • Take down the “GEARS” drop targets to shift your way into gear shift multiball
  • Shoot around the playfield to earn Ford Racing parts and customize, modify and tune your Mustangs
  • Advance thru the challenge ladder to race in the Silverball Stampede, an all-out coast-to-coast run against all of the wacky opponents in the game
  • 5 bank “GEARS” drop targets with 15 LED interactive shift grid featureGame
  • 2 “Shift” rectangular stand up targets behind “GEARS” drop targetsFeatures
  • “Donut Time” captive ball feature
  • Player selectable driving music – four generational cruising tunes in collaboration with Sony Music
  • Custom speech by Tanner Foust professional race car driver and TV host
  • Actual Mustang engine sounds
  • All LED general illumination and control lamps
  • M U S T A N G “game carry over” feature spell-out in back panel
  • 103 playfield icon inserts featuring controlled LED’s
  • 2 Mustang illumination spot lamps
  • 1/24 scale Mustang mounted above GEARS drop targets
  • Provisions for installing 1/64 scale Mustangs on ramps
  • Install your own Mustang feature – car turntable is predrilled to accept either Maisto or M2 brand 1/24 scale Mustangs as replacements
  • Stainless steel shooter lane ramp
  • 2 twin stacked supercharged vacuum-formed plastic ramps featuring actuated stainless steel entrances
  • 360 degree bonus bowl at the right ramp exit
  • Post-style diverter to top lanes
  • “Mustang store” scoop
  • Pony spinning target
  • 2 high powered sling shot mechanisms
  • 2 flippers
  • 4 pop bumpers
  • 3 “R P M” 1″ square stand up targets
  • 1 “N2O” 1″ stand up target in shot lane
  • 3 “N2O” 1/2″ stand up targets
  • Simulated carbon-fiber-texture speaker display panel decal
  • Powder coated steel and plywood backbox with color themed t-molding
  • Backbox secured from outside with new mounting bolts that use same tool as leg bolts
  • Black ABS plastic bottom arch
  • Dual latch lockdown bar
  • Exclusive Pro translite art by Camilo Pardo
  • Exclusive Mach 1 themed Pro high definition cabinet art by Camilo Pardo
  • 6 pinballs
  • Traditional coin door
  • Easy-to-follow game rules for casual players, with depth for experts


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