NGX Ultra

Width: 33″
Depth: 7.5″
Height: 33″
Weight: 105 lbs

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The Ultimate Next-Generation Jukebox

The NGX Ultra is the ultimate next-generation jukebox, delivering hit songs, whole albums, music videos, mobile control, and on-demand digital signage in a sleek and innovative package that rocks the house. With robust entertainment, revenue-boosting features, and powerful promotional capabilities, the NGX Ultra takes the jukebox experience to a whole new level.

Promote Your Business

AMI Ad Manager lets you transform both screens of the NGX Ultra, as well as any other TVs connected to the jukebox, into powerful digital signage. Whether you’re promoting what’s happening right now or what’s coming up soon, there are hundreds of ways to put AMI Ad Manager to work for your business.

• Advertise rewards programs, special discounts, upcoming events, and more by accessing the AMI Ad Manager tool on amientertainment.net with your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

• Upload your own logo to customize existing templates or use your own pre-made digital advertisement. Pre-made ads must be in jpeg format and pre-sized to 1280×720 pixels.

• Promote daily and nightly specials! Schedule promotions in advance by selecting times and dates for ads to display on the jukebox and on connected TVs.

Technical Details

  • Upper 32” wide HD television display for videos and promotions
  • Lower 18.5” wide HD touchscreen display for music selection
  • 1,000 Watt, 4-Channel Amp Sound System
  • Dynamic and customizable backlighting beats to the music as it’s played
  • Core computer package includes the motherboard, power supply, and I/O controller, plus a solid-state hard drive pre-installed with a configurable selection of up to 300 local albums
  • Additional 1TB hard drive included for music video downloads and storage
  • Wired and IR wireless remote controls
  • Broadband connection required for song and music video updates
  • Dual CPI bill acceptors, the industry’s most modular note validation system (each with 700 bill capacity)
  • 1 credit card reader

Additional Purchasing Options

  • Wireless router
  • Output transformer
  • Money meter
  • Special event switch
  • RF remote kit
  • IR transmitter
  • Trackball and buttons for ADA Compliance


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