Skee-Ball Classic Alley Bowler


Condition: New
Dimensions: 30″ W x 123″ D x 81″ H
Weight: 614 lbs
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Skee-Ball has updated their classic design and is ready for the next 100 years of amusement! The Skee-Ball Classic Alley is packed with durable and interesting features to keep players entertained. This classic arcade and amusement game features an electronic display to track your score and the number of balls rolled. The hinged target board includes two 100 point pockets for the maximum high score! The Alley includes front mounted electronics and powder coated channel covers. Beloved for generations, the Skee-Ball Classic Alley is sure to grab the attention of a whole new generation of players!

Please indicate whether you want it to be coin-operated or for free play when you order!


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